Radek Urban

Tuesday 3rd


The Role of CIOs after the Financial Crisis


The role of the CIO in banks has altered following the financial crisis. This talk will focus on some of the changes that have occurred in the banking industry with a view of how they have influenced the steering of strategy. Changes in the development of strategy relating to the management and monitoring of an organization’s portfolio of assets, and how growth in different markets has influenced such investment have, to some extent, changed the role of the CIO since its introduction in the late 1990s. The main objective of this talk is to explore and present some current views to answer to the above questions and to initiate a discussion that may shed light on developing strategies in the banking and financial industry in response to changing macroeconomic conditions. Finally some concluding remarks about the future of investment management will be offered.


Radek Urban graduated from the Prague School of Economics, later working for the Czech National Bank as head of Financial Markets department, Ceska Sporitelna as director of asset management. In September 2011 he was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance for financial market legislation and now works in the Ministry of Finance as an advisor. As an EFC member and regular ECOFIN participant, he has represented the Czech Republic at important meetings shaping the future of Europe´s financial industry. In the past he also served as a member of the Settlements committee of the Prague Stock Exchange and as a consultant for JVI, FSVC and the DeLarosiere commission. Mr Urban is married and has two children.