Mark Harrison

Thursday 5th


Ethical Issues in Credit Management


Businesses secure and protect their assets by a number of ways and means and that's what they should do: they spend good money to make sure that their assets are protected as much as possible. But one of the largest assets of a business in today's commercial world - which is also 'liquid' - is surely 'Accounts Receivable' or Trade Debtors - typically greater than 30% of Total Assets. How is this liquid asset being managed? Are the people managing this asset fit for the job? Are the people managing this asset skilled to do their job effectively and efficiently? Are businesses investing in the people managing one of their largest assets? And if they are investing in their people, is the investment adequate and if not, why not? The level of competency and skilled people working in the field of Credit Management determine how healthy is the business, and the benefit to its shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders.


Mark Harrison has worked in Credit Management across EMEA for 30 years, is founder of the Association of Credit for Central and Eastern Europe, Fellow of UK Institute of Credit Management and holds a BA (Hons) in Credit Management. Mark has lived in Brno since 2006 and has considerable experience in the Shared Services sector across Central and Eastern Europe.