Sherrihan Radi

Tuesday 3rd


Islamic Finance


Islamic theories and economics have existed for over a millennium. However, the evolution of Islamic banking and finance only began in the 1970s. During the current period of globalization, many individuals and banking institutions have shown an interest in the growing modern Islamic finance industry. Islamic banking is no longer restricted to Muslim countries; rather it is now perceived as an alternative banking system that might help in revitalizing the current economic situation. This talk aims to introduce the notion of Islamic finance and explain its main concepts. It will also discuss the industry’s current situation and why it can be useful for individuals and companies across the globe.


Sherrihan Radi joined Prague College School of Business in 2013 as a lecturer in accounting and finance. She mainly teaches in the areas of financial accounting, international finance, financial investment and business decision making. She has a First Class honours degree from the University of Durham, and and an MSc in Quantitative Finance (awarded with Distinction) from the Cass Business School. Her main research interests are in financial econometrics, specializing in co-integration and factor models, asset pricing, Islamic finance, and behavioral finance. She is passionate about Islamic Finance and therefore chose it to be the topic of her forthcoming PhD dissertation. However she is not just a theoretician; she also has a wealth of practical finance and accounting experience from her work for various Prague-based companies.