Jakub Oliverius

Monday 2nd


Approaches to Strategic Change


“All that we have done to get us where we are today will not be enough to keep us there.”

While strategy enables organizations to set goals and directions for development, leadership is about coping with changes emerging from these strategies. But what is change, and which strategy should be used to implement it? We will discuss the relevance of change in today’s world as well as how people cope with it. Research and practice show that different types of change require different approaches, while the role of a leader remains essential in getting organisations through turbulent times. You may like changes or not; however, we all find it increasingly difficult to escape them. It is therefore crucial to learn to understand change as a way to adapt ourselves for a successful tomorrow.


Jakub Oliverius is Associate Lecturer of Business Strategy at Prague College. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Strategy from the University of Amsterdam and a Marketing Specialist certificate. Jakub is employed full-time as Application Marketing Manager at Borealis Group Engineering Applications in Linz, Austria. There, he is responsible for developing and implementing value-adding strategy in the automotive industry, driving innovation, and sustaining a strong competitive advantage for the Borealis global polypropylene product portfolio. Originally from Prague, he started his career in the non-profit sector and previously also worked in project management at ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands.